Inspiring Change, Supporting Growth, Instilling Hope

Saadia Faouzi, MFT, PhD


Welcome and thank you for visiting my web page. Why psychotherapy and why now?

At one point or another in our lives, our condition of being human catches up with us. Maybe we experienced traumatic or distressing situations in the past or in the present and now a whole swirl of emotions surrounds us like a tornado. We try to hold on to old habits and strategies but nothing seems to help. We get scared, confused, ashamed, worried, depressed, angry or physically sick. It feels like we are drowning and all alone. We blame ourselves, others or both for getting to this point in life. We compare ourselves to others, making us feel even worse.

Then, we may give up, or become resigned to not making any changes at all. Some of us may project our pain onto the outside world and be angry and explosive. On the other hand, some of us may direct it all inside, hurting ourselves even more. We try to avoid all these painful emotions by numbing ourselves with drugs, alcohol, sex, food and/or social media and we realize that to try to escape from our feelings is without avail.

Then, the need and desire to heal gets too strong to be ignored. We realize that we need help to achieve well-being and fulfill our potential. That’s where psychotherapy comes in.

Psychotherapy will help you get more tuned into yourself and the world around you. It will help you connect with your inner core and gain the tools you need to live a more fulfilled life. As Marcus Aurelius said “Dig within. within is the wellspring of good; and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig”.

Going through hard times can make us forget about our deeper self and about our strengths. Our work together will be about helping you to re-connect with who you really are and start tapping into your inner resources and strengths.

I’ll be your guide, and helper who will share this part of your journey with you so you don’t have to do it alone. I will help you see that, as Robert H. Schuller put it: “Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines”. You will understand that, as William James said: “if any organism fails to fulfill its potentialities, it becomes sick”. You will be relieved to find out that the suffering you are going through is part of your growth and development and can be an opportunity for you to stand up and become the master of your destiny.

Therapy can often be helpful if we give ourselves a chance and if we work at it. Thanks to our brain neuroplasticity, we can change. If you are ready to take the first steps toward change and to get the help you deserve, please call me or send me an email for more information.